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FAQ - Fountains

  • Do you deliver?
    Yes I can deliver. The cost will be determined based on travelling distance.
  • Do you install?
    I can certainly do the installation for you. It normally takes 3-4 hours depending on the size of the basin and ease(or not) of digging. Cost can be discussed when considering purchasing a fountain.
  • Can I do the installation?
    Absolutely. If you can wield a shovel(and wheelbarrow) you can dig the hole and then be sure to set the basin absolutely level and buried to the appropriate depth. I can guide you through the set up.
  • Do I need electricity?
    Yes. You need to have a power source near the installation. The supplied fountain pumps have a 16' cord so a power source should be at least within 14'.
  • How often do I add water?
    That depends a lot on weather conditions and also the nature of the fountain you purchase(some splash more than others). Wind can deflect some of the water from returning to the basin and dry weather can lead to excessive evaporation. Simply add water as necessary by placing a hose anywhere within the basin top.
  • What if I get algae developing?
    Algae can develop over time in the warm months and can be unsightly. You can add up to ¾ cup of bleach to a small basin and 1½ cups to a large basin without harming birds and other wildlife as long as you add it by pouring directly into the basin. Do this as often as necessary.
  • How do I prepare for winter?
    As the days and nights get colder there will come a time to put your fountain to rest. I recommend draining about half of the water from the basin. You can do this by disconnecting the feed tube from the top of the pump and connecting a short length of tubing(4' or so) and use the fountain pump to drain some of the water out. Once that is done I recommend placing the pump on top of the ground near the fountain and cover it to protect it from the weather(an old pot, a pail, or a flower pot or something like that). No need to bring the pump inside. Next make sure you cover your stone well so that no water can enter and freeze and possibly do damage(I use old polishing aprons and/or industrial size garbage bags).
  • What do I do in the spring?
    When the weather warms up again in the spring and it's time to get your fountain going this is what I like to do. Using a wet shop vac I suck all the water out of the basin. This can be a good number a vacuums full of water depending on the size of your basin and the amount of snow/ice/rain that may have filled your basin over the winter. When I get down to the bottom I like to use a high pressure nozzle on a garden hose and try and disturb as much of the accumulated sediment and debris as I can while running the vacuum to get as much of the yucky stuff(dead worms sometimes) as I can. When I feel that it's as clean as I can get it I hook the pump back up to the fountain, fill the basin to the top, adjust the water flow if necessary, replace the access cover and the river stone(top cover), reset the outdoor timer and enjoy the sight and sound once again.
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